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August 15 - 165th Anniversary of Foundation



On Aug. 15th we're celebrating our 165th Anniversary of foundation. May God continue to give us the grace to carry on the legacy and charism of our dear foundress St. Maria Soledad. May God send us vocations to reach out to those who are sick and abandoned. Our Lady of the Assumption, intercede for us! Leave comments on Servants of Mary Ministers to the Sick - USA Province

NCLEX State Board Exam



Congratulations to Sister Alicia Rios-Soto, S. de M. for passing the nursing state board exam! Sister Alicia wants to thank all who offered prayers for this intention and is grateful for God's mercy and grace which allowed her to achieve this success. Blessed be God! 

Our New Novices and First Professed Sisters of 2016



Congratulations to our new Novices! From Mexico: Sr. Claudia Gabriela Sanchez, N. S. de M. and Sr. Yaneth Azucena Moreno, N. S. de M. From the US: Sr. Samantha Roy, N. S. de M. Follow on @ServantsMaryMinisterstoSickUSA

Congratulations to our newly Professed Sisters! From Mexico: Sister Blanca Vasquez, S. de M. and Sister Perla Bahena, S. de M. From the US: Sister Brenda Lopez, S. de M. Follow on @ServantsMaryMinisterstoSickUSA