Marian Devotion


Virgin statue Mary, Mother and Servant of the Lord is, in Christ and with Christ, the great and faithful Model of the social-apostolic endeavor of our religious family.

Our love of God, union with Him and a pure intention of pleasing Him alone will help us acquire the complete and total readiness of Mary: “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let what you have said be done to me” (Lk 1, 38).

The Servant of Mary is also distinguished by a deep, filial love of the Virgin Mary, Exemplar of a humble and hidden life with Christ in God.
A characteristic sign of the spirituality of the Servants of Mary, as it was of Saint Maria Soledad, is a solid and fervent devotion to Mary which we will express in filial praise and faithful imitation of her virtues.

Mary, under the title of “Health of the Sick” is the principal Patroness of our religious family.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and of the Church, unique cooperatrix in the restoration of the supernatural life, is our Mother in the order of grace (LG 61). After Christ and subordinate to Him, Mary should occupy a special place of preference in our spiritual life as Mother and Teacher. Mary is, in fact, model of virtue for the entire community of the elect (LG 65) and also a sign of hope and consolation.

“I have placed all my confidence in Mary: with this maxim, precious heritage handed down to our Institute, our Holy Mother Foundress reveals to us the outstanding features of her Marian spirituality, expressed in the prayer: “Mary, Health of the Sick”, invoked to obtain her maternal comfort and fortitude for those who suffer, and also in the devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, co-redeemer with Christ in the work of salvation. We shall foster personal and collective love for the Virgin Mary, manifesting it with special act of devotion on the occasion of her principal feasts.

  •  We shall intensify our love of the Blessed Virgin in a specialway during the month of May.
  • The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and lived with an intense Marian spirit. To conclude the month we celebrate with a traditional May Crowning of Mary, our Queen and Mother.
  • For the solemnities of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on August 15 and of Mary, Health of the Sick on May 8 we shall prepare with a solemn Novena.
  • We honor Our Sorrowful Mother in September 15. This devotion was deeply rooted in Mother Soledad. It is an image of our mission: a silent presence at the bedside of the sick like Mary at the foot of the Cross.
  • Praying the holy rosary daily in community.
  • We sing the Salve Regina every Saturday in her honor as a filial act of love.