Convent in Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Sedgwick, the great benefactor of the foundation in Kansas City, requested a foundation in the city of Los Angeles where he lived, but time had passed without receiving a favorable response. Two years later, in 1926, he became gravely ill with apoplexy and notified the Superior in Kansas City. Divine Providence used this incident to make the new foundation a reality on March 3, 1928. There were five founding Sisters with Mother Orosia Cabezas at the head of the Community. Currently, the Sisters are dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes.

Servants of Mary Ministers to the Sick
2131 West 27th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90018-3018
Phone:    (323) 731 – 5747

Mother Superior: Mother Rosa Valadez López

Vocation Director: Sr. Elizabeth Miles Lorenzen