Convent in Mexico City

On July 11, 1896 four Sisters from Cuba arrived for the first time in the port of Veracruz, Mexico. The next day they traveled by train to Mexico City to begin the first foundation in Mexico. It was Esther Pesado de Urrutia who had come to know about our charism through her sister, Sara Pesado de Landa, in Madrid. On July 30 Esther sent the Sisters to Ave María Street, #3 to a provisional asylum until they obtained the Bishop’s approval. The foundation took place on August 1, 1896, and later they moved to a new house. The founding Sisters were Mother Purificación Chillarón and three other Sisters. Currently, the Community is dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes as well as in facilities and their clinic.


Siervas de María Ministras de los Enfermos
Dakota, 193.  Col. Nápoles
Delegación Benito Juárez
03810 México, D F.  
Tel. (555) 523-6952


Mother Superior: Mother Mª de la Luz Rodríguez Pérez 


Convent in Zapopan

In December, 1897, a year and a half after arriving in Mexico City, the Sisters arrived in the city of Guadalajara. Dolores Martínez Negrete was the first supporter of this foundation, and Archbishop Pedro Loza gladly gave his approval. Their first convent was in a house on San Felipe Street, #165 that José Obeso bought and officially gave to the Community while the Sisters resided in Guadalajara. Sister Teresa Justis and a Mexican Postulant, María Bernal, arrived to make the necessary preparations for the foundation. On January 30, 1898, Father Modesto Peses Vázquez blessed the house, making it possible for them to have the Blessed Sacrament present in the Tabernacle. On February 4, 1898, six more Sisters arrived, and on February 16 the Community was complete with the newly appointed Mother Inés as Superior. However, on April 4, 1938, the Sisters had to leave the city due to the religious persecution. After 51 years of absence, the Sisters returned to the city of Zapopan, and the Community was established on December 25, 1979. The providential person in the Sisters’ return was Consuelo Verduzco de Quiñones who requested the foundation from Mother Provincial Nieves Biurrun. Currently the Sisters carry out their ministry in Zapopan with the sick in their homes and with individual patients in facilities.

Siervas de María, Ministras de los Enfermos
C/Bella Vista,  125. Col. Linda Vista
45169 Zapopan, Jal
Tel. (333) 656-0257

Mother Superior: Mother Juana Mª Ramírez Segura 


Convent in Puebla

The foundress of this convent in Puebla was Carmen Osorio de Conde, a very pious and virtuous woman who knew about the foundation in Mexico City and also kept in touch with Mother Purificación Chillarón who had cared for her husband, Manuel Conde, twenty years earlier. It was not enough for this good woman to request the foundation, but she also contributed economically by giving them the house as well as generous donations. The six foundresses with Mother Corazón as Superior founded the convent on October 4, 1899. The Sisters are currently dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes.


Siervas de María, Ministras de los Enfermos
Blvd. Héroes del 5 de Mayo, Nº 1505
Colonia del Carmen
72000 Puebla, Pue. Mexico

Tel.(222) 243-5474

Mother Superior: Mother Ana María Gómez Casillas 

Vocation Director: Sor Gloria Lombera Acosta 

Convent in Mérida

Augusta Fajardo de Escalante made her request to Mother Purificación Chillarón for several Sisters to be established in Merida for the purpose of providing her sick daughters and other sick persons in the city with the care of the Servants of Mary in their own homes. After consulting Mother General Josefa Díaz, it was decided to carry out the foundation by sending six Sisters including Mother Inés Pérez as Superior. The Sisters arrived in Merida on May 17, 1900. Because of the Mexican Revolution, they left and later returned once again on April 5, 1949. The Sisters are dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes and running a clinic for the poor.

Siervas de María, Ministras de los Enfermos
Calle 30 X 17 Nº 225
Colonia García Ginerés
97070 Mérida, Yucatán
Tel. (999) 920-2454

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Mother Superior: Mother Elena Muñiz Guerrero

Convent in León

Even though the 1903 foundation was suppressed during the Mexican Revolution in 1932, the people of Leonwanted the Sisters to return to their city since they had very fond memories and heartfelt gratitude for their charitable service. The instrument used by Divine Providence was Father Constancio Armendáriz, C.M.F., who was living in Leonat that time. This priest, in agreement with one of the principal ladies of the city, requested the foundation. They were not discouraged by the negative reply, but gathered together several people, including Rafael González, a generous benefactor, and wrote a letter to Mother Acacia Lasa, Provincial Superior of the United States, requesting the foundation, followed by all of their signatures. When Mother General learned of this, she gave her consent, and the foundation took place on May 25, 1959. There were seven founding Sisters with Mother Nieves Biurrun as Superior. The Sisters are dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes.

Siervas de María Ministras de los Enfermos
Calle de la Salud, 103 con V. Carranza
Col. Los Fresnos
37390 León, Gto.
Tel. (477) 712-0815


Mother Superior: Mother Gabriela Aldana Meza

Vocation Director: Sor Mª Guadalupe Aceves Venegas  


Mother Mistress: Mother Luz Pedroza Hernández



Convent in Aguascalientes


The first foundation in this city took place on June 10, 1902. In 1928 the Sisters had to leave the city due to the religious persecution in Mexico; however, the Sisters had left an impression that no one could forget during their 57 year absence. Once again Aguascalientes opened its doors to the Sisters with constant requests from several people, especially from the Bishop of the Diocese, His Excellency Salvador Quezada and the Servant of Mary Fathers.

With the approval of the General Government and the authorization of the Bishop, the foundation took place on March 19, 1985. Mother Fernanda Helguera was at the head of the Community of the six founding Sisters. Currently, the Sisters are dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes and for individual patients in facilities.


Siervas de María Ministras de los Enfermos 

Privada Hernán Cortés Nº 403 

Fraccionamiento Los Vergeles 

20100 Aguascalientes, Ags. México

Tel. (449) 293 1546


Mother Superior: Mother Rosalba Delgado Beltrán

Vocation Director: Sor Rosa Pérez Ontiveros 


Convent in Querétaro

The first foundation in this city on March 4, 1914, was closed in 1935 because of the religious persecution. The charity of the Servants of Mary left such an impression in this city that they were still remembered with such affection and admiration after more than 50 years! God’s Providence was at work through Margarita Urquiza who remembered the Sisters and was also suffering from an illness at that time. She requested the foundation herself and along with her brothers, offered her own house and a piece of land for the construction of the convent.

The foundation took place on January 25, 1986. There were six founding Sisters with Mother María Garayalde as Superior. Currently, the Sisters are dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes, for individual patients in facilities as well as a clinic to care for the poor in the city.

Siervas de María, Ministras de los Enfermos
Prolongación Tecnológica, 150 Norte
Col. La Piedad El Retablo
76150 Querétaro, Qro.
Tel. (442) 215-5611


Mother Superior: Mother Esmeralda Cabrera Ayala 

Aspirancy Director: Sr. Marcela Obregón Herrera


Convent in Juquila Mixes

The idea for this foundation began when our Sisters were caring for several Salesian Priests in Mexico City who had experienced our mission with the sick. The Salesian Priests are in charge of a prelature in the Sierras of Oaxaca among the Mixe speaking indigenous people. There they have a missionary group of religious men and women, but none are dedicated to pastoral healthcare. The Bishop at that time, the Provincial Superior of the Salesians, Luís Felipe Gallardo, officially petitioned Mother General Josefa Oyarzábal in 2000. Monsignor Braulio Sánchez Fuente, O.S.B., Prelate of this region, gladly received the idea of having the presence of the Servants of Mary and first made contact with Mother Provincial Alfonsa Bellido. After having made all the necessary preparations, the first missionary foundation in our Province took place on July 27, 2001. Four Sisters began this indigenous mission with Mother Joaquina Hernández as Superior. The Sisters currently run a clinic for the poor of the region and its surrounding areas as well as cooperate with the Salesian Priests in their pastoral work with families and young people.

Siervas de María Ministras de los Enfermos
Apdo. Postal  213    CAP - SCT
68081   Oaxaca, Oax.
Tel. (995) 546-6050

Mother Superior: Mother San Juana Pérez Tiscareño 


Convent in San Isidro Huayápam

The idea for this foundation began when the Sisters first arrived at the mission in Juquila Mixes. We soon realized the great need the people have for medical assistance and that there was very little personnel prepared to meet this need. At that time, healthcare in this region was provided mostly by our Sisters from the Community of Juquila Mixes who would go out to various places to provide care and tend to those who had no other possibility of receiving medical attention.

The Bishop of the Mixe Prelature, Bishop Gallardo, SDB, first had the idea of a hospital in San Isidro Huayápam, municipal of Alotepec Mixes,Oaxaca, since it was centrally located to the mission and many people from the surrounding areas could benefit greatly. The blessing and groundbreaking for the Hospital, “María, Salud de los Enfermos” took place on May 3, 2004, and is currently in the last stage of construction. The convent for the Sisters was built first so they could begin the mission. The official erection of the new Community took place on March 26, 2008. From the very first day that the Servants of Mary arrived, they have been caring for the sick in a provisional clinic while the hospital is being built.

Siervas de María Ministras de los Enfermos
Apdo. Postal 65   CAP SCT.
68081 OAXACA, OAX.
Tel.  (283) 596-9563


Mother Superior: Mother Martha Guzmán Orozco