Convent in New Orleans, LA

In 1914 the majority of the Sisters in the Province, that at that time was the Province of Mexico, were in the convent in Veracruz due to the Mexican Revolution. American troops occupied the Plaza of Veracruz, and since they had come to know about our mission, the desire for a foundation in the United States was awakened in them. Mother Provincial was in agreement, and through the intervention of Father Palomo, S.J., the necessary arrangements were made and free passes were obtained through the American troops for the six Sisters who set out for San Antonio, Texas.

Upon arriving in this city, they introduced themselves to the Bishop who did not give them a favorable reception because he feared the Sisters would not find the means to support themselves. The Sisters traveled on to New Orleans where they arrived on September 12, 1914. They went to school of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart where they were charitably received. On the same day they went to the Archbishop who kindly welcomed them and promised to help them in whatever way he could. He gave his authorization for the foundation 17 days later, and the foundation took place on September 29, 1914. On November 2 they moved to a house they had rented, and another group of Sisters soon joined them. Currently the Sisters are totally dedicated to caring for the sick in their own homes.

Servants of Mary, Ministers to the Sick
5001 Perlita Street
New Orleans, LA 70122-1999
Phone:        (504) 282 -5549

Mother Superior: Mother Lourdes García Muñoz

Vocation Director: Sr. Catherine Bussen