What is a Religious Vocation?

A religious vocation is a special gift and call from God that is received in faith and cultivated and discerned in prayer. The formation process allows young women to grow and mature in their response to God’s call. It is a special gift that God gives to whomsoever He deems fit. The Lord prepares, moves and helps those He calls, granting them the graces and talents needed in order to embrace the religious state and persevere in it.

Is Christ knocking on the door of your heart?


Wait no longer; Do not let the best part of your life pass you by. There are many people awaiting you Who need your joy, your willingness and the gift of yourself. They are not asking you to perform heroic acts, rest assured; You will receive much more than you could ever give. This is why you are needed: Christ needs you to love. Respond like Mary by giving your total “yes” in faith and humility; like Mother Soledad: without fear, without limits, without counting the cost.

It is not easy to face suffering in our world. While science and technology advance rapidly, new illnesses arise that confound us. However, there is one thing for certain: the solitude, helplessness and uncertainty of every illness can only be relieved, without denying the efficacy of technology, by the self-less giving, care and love we offer to those who suffer.

You are not being asked to solve the mystery of the night of pain; we are only asking you not to be conformed to living a superficial life. You are called to a sublime and delicate mission! Let yourself be enlightened by Christ, the Light, and with Him dare to draw near, without fear, yet with love and respect, to the night of suffering. There you will find plenty of work. You will bear the Light of Christ but more so, you will see how little by little you are filled with light; your heart will learn to love and your whole being will be anointed by the goodness of God.

By serving our brothers and sisters, we receive much more than we could ever give.

Accept the Challenge


To you, who in the midst of life’s busyness
Long to listen to your heart in silence:

To you who, despite fun and laughter,
Can hear the call of those who need you:

To you, who reject violence and injustice
And desire a world of unity, solidarity and freedom:

To you who, without knowing it, search for Christ:
Know that He needs you and seeks you as you seek Him.

To you who love peace instead of rivalry
And dream of breaking down barriers and curing diseases.

To you, young people, I say: Go out to meet Him,
He is calling you to work in His vineyard.

Listen: Christ is here and is calling your name;
Do not reject His love; He is coming for you.

He is asking for your hands and feet, for your time,
Your voice, your love. He is asking for your big heart.

I ask you now: What are you searching for? What are you waiting for?

Get on board and set sail.

Christ is telling you: COME follow me,

COME cast away your fear,

COME, I will give you more than I am asking you to give me.


— Sister Julia Castillo, S. de M.