This period is a time of discernment intended to help young women make their personal decision regarding God’s plan for them. The purpose of this stage is to provide young women who show signs of having a religious vocation with the necessary formation as they prepare to follow Christ with a generous spirit and purity of intention. When a young woman feels that God is calling her to the religious life, she is encouraged to keep in touch with one of our Vocation Director Sisters who are available to accompany her through the vocational discernment process or to answer any questions.

        During this stage of formation, the Aspirants will be offered the possibility of completing their academic studies according to state requirements if they have not yet completed them upon entering the Aspirancy. They are taught the value of silence, study, work, rest, etc., seeing to it that they observe these with an upright intention and exactness and considering these values to be advantageous as a disciplinary, formative and educational process for their future Postulancy. Emphasis is given to maximizing the potential of all their qualities, attitudes and human and Christian capacities that allow them to discover their vocation and respond appropriately. If the Aspirants wish to continue responding to God’s call as Servants of Mary, they then enter the formation center called the Novitiate where they will receive three years of formation. This is only the beginning of the vocational process of becoming fully configured with Christ, Mary and the spirit of the Congregation.