This period of six years lasts from the conclusion of the Novitiate until Perpetual Vows and is divided into two periods: two years of Intensive Juniorate, focusing on religious and apostolic formation; and the following four years during which the Junior Sisters have the opportunity to experience and fully live the life and ministries proper to a Servant of Mary in a Community. During this time, the Junior Sisters renew their Temporary Vows every year. The purpose of this stage is to continue, deepen and complete the formation of the Novitiate so as to help them mature in every respect.

First Stage: Intensive Juniorate

During the first two years of Temporary Vows the Junior Sisters will be dedicated to an intense religious, Christian and human formation that is enhanced by the experience and practice of our ministry with the sick.

Second Stage of the Juniorate

Upon completing the Intensive Juniorate, the Junior Sisters continue their time of testing and formation while participating in our ministry with the sick. They shall endeavor to acquire strong love for their vocation, delving into the knowledge and living experience of our charism, community life, etc. In order to acquire knowledge and experience of the life and ministry of the Servants of Mary, they will be given the opportunity to live a life of community, ministry and study. A spiritual environment, austerity of life and apostolic stimulus are the best and encouraging means to help the Junior Sisters live their radical following of Christ.

Human formation:

  • Knowledge of the person, development in the consecrated life and interpersonal relationships (community life and service)
  • Formation of character and maturation of personality
  • Acquire appropriate affective maturity


  • Periodic personal interviews with the Mistress of Juniors
  • Formation of an upright conscience enlightened by faith, the Magisterium of the Church and healthy and sound criteria
  • Responsibility and collaboration in the work and activities assigned by obedience

Spiritual Formation:

  • Intensely centered on the knowledge and love of Christ, deepening and assimilating the practice and value of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience
  • Development of contemplation in action in order to acquire interior transformation
  • Devotion to Mary should occupy a special place of preference in their interior and consecrated life. This intimacy with Mary will lead them on to a more intimate sharing of life with Christ (cf. Const. 41).
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of our charism and specific mission


  • Faithful perseverance in personal prayer, meditation on Sacred Scripture, frequent reception of the Sacraments, praying the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Filial devotion to Mary
  • Practice and living experience of the virtues and on zeal for souls
  • Spiritual direction

Religious-apostolic formation:

  • Dogmatic, moral and spiritual theology
  • Liturgy, Canon Law, Sacred Scripture
  • History of the Church and the Congregation
  • Documents ofVaticanII and Magisterium of the Church
  • Prayer and practices of piety, social-religious behavior
  • Theoretical-practical ministerial formation


  • Constant study of the Constitutions and life of Saint María Soledad
  • Chapter Documents
  • Religious and doctrinal formation
  • Topics of spirituality, documents on the consecrated and religious life
  • Practical nursing knowledge
  • Academic and professional nursing studies
  • Instructions, talks and short courses on the Constitutions and topics related to the religious and apostolic life
  • Ascesis and discipline in every aspect of life
  • Strive for a relationship of union and intimacy with God, uniting contemplation and action
  • Learn to see the mystery and sacrament of Christ in the sick, discovering Him in the face of each patient through faith: “I was sick and you visited me… you did it to me” (Mt 25,35).
  • The imitation of our Sorrowful Mother’s attitude at the foot of the cross shall serve as a model and motivation for the self-sacrificing care of the sick.
  • They will acquire a vivid awareness of being apostles of Christ to the sick and their family members, responsibly performing their healthcare service and valuing in a spirit of faith the beautiful and charitable mission that the Church entrusts to each Servant of Mary.
  • As vital members of the community, they will consider themselves united in solidarity and participants in the apostolic mission of the Institute, regardless of the activity entrusted to them by obedience.