Fidelity to the Holy Father & the Church

Our Congregation was blessed and approved officially by the Church in 1876. Being incorporated into it by our profession of the evangelical counsels, we belong to the life and sanctity of the Church itself (LG 44). Responding to the grace of our vocation as Servants of Mary, we consecrate ourselves to God in the Church, and we pledge ourselves to live our consecration in the spirit of the Gospel, imitating Christ, virgin, poor and obedient, who emptied Himself for us even to the giving of His life for all men, His brothers.

As every Institute approved by the Church, our Congregation has the obligation of participating actively in the salvific mission of the same Church, maintaining the charism and service received from our Mother Foundress, Saint Maria Soledad.

Holy Mother the Church, on receiving our vows, associates us with the Eucharistic sacrifice of Christ and with His salvific mission through the charism of the Institute.

Superiors shall promote among the Sisters love and submission to the Church, fully aware that our religious profession demands of us an innermost, full participation in her life and spirit. In the same way, they shall encourage faith in ecclesiastical authority, supplying the Sisters with every possible means of knowledge of the teachings of the Church and promoting, within the limits of our own charism, a spirit of collaboration in its activities and objectives.