Juquila Mixes, Oaxaca, Mexico


On July 27, 2001, our first missionary community in Juquila Mixes was founded. This mission is located on a mountain in the Sierra of Oaxaca which is the region inhabited by the Mixe speaking indigenous people. The zealous Salesian Fathers invited us to collaborate in providing for the healthcare needs of the indigenous people of the area since this need was completely unmet. Since then the Servants of Mary carry out their ministry by caring for the sick in their homes, running a clinic and visiting the people in the surrounding areas.



San Isidro Huayápam, Oaxaca, Mexico



 The idea for a new Community in the missions of Oaxacabegan from the very first moment that our Sisters arrived at the mission in Juquila Mixes in 2001. The need in this region for healthcare is immense since they have no medical or
healthcare resources. With the support of the Bishop of the Mixe Prelature, Luís Felipe Gallardo Martín del Camp, S.D.B., the idea to build a small hospital in the region was accepted by our Superiors. The convent for the Sisters was built first, and the blessing took place on March 25, 2008. The Sisters began their mission with the sick on the very same day. Since the hospital was not finished, a provisional clinic is being used. The blessing of the hospital is expected to be celebrated by the end of 2011. The hospital will be named after our patroness, “Mary, Health of the Sick”.