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Christmas Boutique - November 23th & 24th

Please join our Sisters in Oxnard, CA for their Annual Christmas Boutique!

Witness of Sandra Salceda, Aspirant S. de M.

God's call was made clear when watching the movie of our Mother Foundress "Luz de Soledad"

May our hearts be open to his divine graces, so many young women may be generous to his call:

"The only reason one can choose to be a Servant of Mary Minister to the Sick, is to be the Spouse of Jesus and delight in his company" (St. Mary Soledad).


Pope's Message -August 2019


"As faithful daughters of the Church, we honor and obey the Roman Pontiff"

 (Constitutions of the Servants of Mary) 

In Audience with Pope Francis

Our Mother General, Rvdma. Mother Alfonsa Bellido Alos, S.d e M.

In the General Audience with Pope Francis at Santa Martha, February 8, 2019

The Church Officially Recognizes The Heroicity Of Her Virtues




“Nothing gives more peace to the soul than complete surrender into the hands of God”


On November 15, 1892 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Mother Soledad Sanjurjo Santos was born into this life. She was the last of six children of José Sanjurjo González, of Spanish origin, and María de la Palma Santos del Toro who was born in San Juan.

          She was baptized on April 3, 1893, in what is today the Cathedral of Saint Phillip in Arecibo and given the name María Consuelo.

          She was barely six months old when her father died at the age of forty-five. The young widow did all she could to care for her children  until succumbing to tuberculosis. She died on July 10, 1901 in San Juan at the age of thirty-eight.


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"I was sick and you visited me" (Mt. 25:36)

    "Thus affirms Christ our Lord mystically personified in suffering humanity. The sick are the visible image of the suffering Christ and it is He we serve in the person of our patient. Union of our patient with Christ should be the idea which motivates all the comfort, care and vigilance we extend to those we care for."

(Constitutions of the Servants of Mary)